Psychotherapy Rates:

Self-Pay Therapy rates vary depending on the service and length of session. Dr. K offers 45-50 minute and 90 minute sessions. 30 minute sessions offered based on need and availability.

Emotional Intelligence Testing: rates will include fee of test, education on emotional intelligence, and review of test results. Insurance will not cover the test and interpretation, but reviews of EI and test results can be included in session amounts.

Concierge Therapy:  For professionals or those that want extra attention. Concierge therapy is a weekly/monthly/or multiple session package deal. It includes extra services including e-mail and phone check-ins and priority scheduling.

Package Discounts: Discounted rates if sessions bought in advance.

Please call for more information and to discuss which type of service is better for you.

Sliding scale discounts upon request for self-pay clients based on availability. 

Consultation: Dr. K offers a brief phone consultation to discuss pricing, services, and if she can help you with your needs. This consultation however is not therapy and does not constitute a doctor-patient relationship.


Insurance:  Dr. K accepts Medicare insurance. For other insurances, Dr. K can help guide you in understanding your insurance and getting reimbursed.       


What is included in Dr. K's self-pay rate?: Dr. K is a licensed psychologist with over 18 years of therapeutic experience. She has worked in a variety of settings and with several different populations, which gives her a lot of experience and training to help you with your needs. Since Dr. K is a licensed psychologist, has many years of schooling, and stays up to date in the field of psychology with continuing education so you get the best treatment. Licensed psychologists are held to a higher standard so you are getting the best care. She returns emails and phone calls personally, has set up her office to feel comfortable and welcoming, providers referrals/recommendations/additional resources, and offers alternative therapies. Dr. K goes above and beyond to help you with your needs, and challenges you to consider much your happiness is worth and why it's important for you to invest in yourself.


Why doesn't Dr. K take my insurance?: Many people prefer not to use their insurance because only self-pay guarantees complete privacy. Insurance will sometimes not pay for certain services, which is not always known ahead of time, often leaving you with a bigger bill later on. Your insurance company may also limit you to a certain amount of sessions, require a certain type of therapy, or ask the therapist for personal information about you. Insurance companies also require a diagnosis, which can follow you throughout your life. Many insurances also do not cover couples therapy or certain services, which you may not know about until later on.


Payment Methods:  We accept cash, checks, and credit cards.


Cancellation Policy:  Please provide us with at least 36 hours’ notice that you will not be able to make your appointment. We save that time slot specifically for you. If you have not notified us at least 36 hours in advance, you may be charged a missed session fee. There is a higher charge for no-shows.


Scheduling:  Please go to the Contact Us page, which includes our phone number. We will return your call within 24-48 hours to schedule an appointment time. You can also request a phone call via e-mail or by submitting the form included on the Contact Us page.


Dr. Kristin Keough Williams
Dr. K

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