Life/Business/Career Coaching

What is Life/Business/Career Coaching and how is it different than Psychotherapy?

Coaching helps you focus on your personal and professional goals and does not address pathology, childhood issues, personal problems, or mental illness. It is present-focused and helps you set clear specific short-term and long-term goals. The focus is on forward movement, taking action, and solutions rather than being insight oriented. It will help you improve in performance in the area you want to address. There are scheduled check-ins to make sure you are reaching goals and will be done through phone calls, texts, e-mails, and short or long sessions.  Coaching helps hold you accountable to reaching your goals and includes active involvement from both parties. A life coach can be a mentor and personal life trainer.

If you are experiencing major depression, suicidal thoughts, intense anxiety, or any type of major mental health issue than psychotherapy is a better fit for you. If however you want to improve performance, enhance a skill set, or reach a particular goal than coaching may be a better fit.


Why Life/Business/Career Coaching?

Coaching can assist and empower you in reaching your goals. You are not given a mental health diagnosis and you will have no insurance hassles. You will have complete privacy. Sessions can be done by phone, text, e-mail, or in-person. There is flexibility in scheduling and Dr. Keough offers phone and weekend sessions.


Coaching Services:

Weight Management
Skill/Performance Enhancement
Sports Performance
Creative Outlets (writing, art, music, etc.)
Smoking Cessation
Study Skills
College Students
Career/College Acceptance Test Preparation/Stress Management
     (State Exams, Bar Exam, MCAT, GED, GRE, SAT)
Achieving Business Career Goals


Payment:  Insurance does not cover life coaching and is self-pay. Included in pricing is a welcome packet, personalized sessions (text, e-mail, phone, meetings), and personalized handouts/tools. Payment is based on what services you prefer and can be very affordable based on what you choose.


What To Expect:  You and Dr. Keough will clarify your goals and the steps to achieve them. You will address barriers to goals and Dr. Keough will help hold you accountable in taking action. You and Dr. Keough will agree upon specific Commitment Exercises (i.e. homework assignments) and review ongoing progress. Your relationship with Dr. Keough will be collaborative and you will work as a team until you are ready to start working on your own.


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